How do I request a quote or book a charter flight from Charter Airlines?
A. Please email us to: at any time.

How much time in advance can I book a charter flight with Charter Airlines?
A. In the best scenario, you can board one of our jets in as little as 8 hours.

Where do you fly?
A. We fly to hundreds of airports in Asia and Australia. Call us with your specific destination.

What type of aircraft do you fly?A. At IPA, we fly Boeings.

What is the passenger seating and baggage capacity on a Charter Airline’s aircraft?
A. First class seating is available for up to 9 passengers and their luggage. All baggage is accessible in flight.

Are pets allowed on your charter aircraft?
A. Absolutely, we encourage all our passengers to include their pets in their plans when they travel on our aircraft. Kennels may be used, but they are not required, whatever makes you and your pet comfortable.

Do you offer medical transportation?
A. Yes, you may go contact us for general info, and please call us with your request to best accommodate your needs.

What is an aircraft charter?
A. Chartering an aircraft means that you rent the aircraft and the pilot and specify where and when you want to go, it’s that simple.

Will there be other passengers on my charter flight?
A. Absolutely not, you have exclusive use and control of the aircraft for the duration of this charter flight. Only you and your guests, if any, will be flying with you and you have complete privacy and security during the entire flight.

Do you serve food and beverages on your charter flights?
A. Soft drinks, bottled water and snacks are provided on all our flights at no extra charge. Any type of catering or special needs can be provided with prior arrangements for an additional fee. Call us and let us cater your flight to your needs.

Is WiFi available on your charter flights?
A. Most our flights offer WiFi for our passengers, inquire or request this when booking your charter flight.

How are Charter Airlines’ pilots and crew selected and trained?
A. We carefully review all flight crew for extraordinary experience and keep up with the latest training for the highest level of professional service. All pilots must hold an Airline Transport Certificate, and attend initial and yearly training for our aircraft. Safety and quality services are of paramount importance to us.

What are the advantages of using Charter Airlines? 
A. Enjoy the privacy and convenience of arriving in airports much closer to your final destination, depart on your schedule. No delays or cancellations that may cause additional travel expenses such as overnight hotel stays, rental cars, or overpriced last minute ticket purchases. When you fly with us you enjoy the complete privacy of our own hangar.

Do I need to stand in line for security checks?
A. No, you can board our jets directly in our hangar.